The application performed by the Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist in the clinical environment to eliminate the deterioration of the hymen as a result of pressure on the genital area for different reasons or for different reasons during sexual intercourse that takes place with or against the will of women is called Hymen Suturing.

Hymenoplasty, popularly known as Hymen Transplantation, aims to repair the hymen of women if possible, and to suture it in cases where it is not possible to repair it. Most of the individuals who go to the clinic for hymen suturing are in fear, sadness and regret.

For this reason, Obstetricians and Gynecologists who carry out studies on Hymen Suturing in a clinical environment on the one hand ensure that the individual relaxes spiritually and removes his worries, and on the other hand, completes the Hymen repair process with physical intervention.

Especially girls who are relatively young in age want to have a hymen examination by reaching our clinic to have clear information and to eliminate their concerns due to the bleeding that occurs after the intercourse where the pressure on the vagina occurs, even if they do not have a sexual intercourse.

If it is determined that the hymen is disturbed in the examination performed by the specialist physician, the repair or planting of the membrane is carried out depending on the request of the person. Taking into account the deterioration structure of the membrane and the demands of the person, Hymen Suturing is performed with two different techniques, either permanent or temporary.

The process of creating a new membrane from the tissue taken from the vagina wall using the flap technique is called Permanent Hymen Suturing, while the method that provides bleeding during the intercourse with the suture thrown into the hymen 2 to 6 days before sexual intercourse is called Temporary Hymen Suturing.

Hymen Suturing is a comfortable, safe and successful treatment method performed under local anesthesia, regardless of whether it is permanent or temporary. After this treatment, which lasts an average of 30 minutes, individuals can continue their daily life from where they left off.

In women where Hymen Transplantation is performed by Gynecologists under clinical conditions, the rate of bleeding during the first sexual intercourse after the application can be specified 100%, that is, precisely.

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What is Hymen?

In women, the mucous area with a surface area 1 to 1.5 cm. inside the entrance to the vagina and resembling the intraoral structure of people is expressed as the Hymen. This skin fold, which does not completely close the entrance to the vagina, occurs with the development of the vagina.

The Hymen, which has an opening through which the menstrual bleeding that women are exposed to at a certain period of the month and the parts discarded in this cycle can go out of the body, does not have any function.

Although the Hymen has a different structure in each individual, among the differences that this membrane shows from person to person;

  • Be thick or thin,
  • Vascular structure,
  • Whether there is a septa in the middle,
  • Whether the membrane has elastic structure or not,

can be shown.

How to Disrupt the Hymen?

This situation, which is expressed with different names such as Hymen Rupture, Hymen Breakdown and Virginity Breakdown, occurs for many different reasons such as sexual intercourse, intervention in the vagina with a hand or a different object, pressure on the vagina as a result of friction or impact.

Hymen Disruption is not a physiologically self-correcting condition. The right action that individuals who feel physiological or psychological pressure due to this situation should take is to request the application of Hymen Suturing to be performed by the Specialist Gynecologist in the clinical environment.

Hymen Examination

Hymen Examination is a painless and simple procedure that is completed in an average of 1 to 2 minutes if performed by Obstetricians and Gynecologists under clinical conditions. Thanks to this application, the questions in the minds of individuals who think that the hymen may be impaired for different reasons are answered.

Hymen Examination, also known as the Virginity Test, is used by judicial authorities in some cases to obtain information about the person’s condition. This application, in which the type and condition of the hymen is determined by the specialist gynecologist by holding the inner and outer lips of the vagina and opening them to both sides, is quite simple and easy.

How to Suture the Hymen?

Hymen Transplantation is a comfortable, safe and simple application if performed by doctors specialized in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology under clinical conditions. During this procedure, some blood will appear in the first sexual intercourse that will take place after the surgical intervention in the vagina of the person.

If performed by specialist physicians in the field of gynecology, no one can understand that the membrane is sutured after Hymen Transplantation. Even if the individual is examined by a doctor, a decision cannot be made that the hymen has been sutured.

While women who foresee marriage or sexual intercourse in the near future prefer the Temporary Hymen Planting application, they demand the Permanent Hymen Planting method by individuals who want to take precautions for a possible future relationship.

Temporary Hymen Suturing

Temporary Hymen Transplantation is the most preferred application by women who foresee to have sexual intercourse within 1 to 6 days. In this method, the Hymen, which is held by self-dissolving stitches, allows bleeding to occur during intercourse.

Temporary Hymen Transplantation applications can be stated as a treatment technique that is painless, safe, and comfortable and provides 100% bleeding if performed by Obstetricians and Gynecology Specialist physicians under clinical conditions.

Permanent Hymen Suturing

Permanent Hymen Suturing is a practice demanded by women who want to have a permanent hymen considering the possibility of having sexual intercourse at a later date. In this method, the tissue obtained from the person’s vagina is used to form a hymen that will remain in the vagina continuously.

Since the suture material used during the Permanent Hymen Suturing application performed by specialist gynecologists in the clinical environment using microsurgical methods is absorbed by the human body, the intervention cannot be understood in any way and the rate of bleeding during sexual intercourse can be stated as 100%.

Hymen Suturing with Flap Method

The flap technique, which is the most preferred Permanent Hymen Suspension application today, is the application in which the representative Hymen is created by suturing the piece of tissue taken from the lower part of the vagina of the women to the side wall of the vagina.

This tissue, which is created after Hymen Suturing with the Flap Method, is punctured during sexual intercourse and causes bleeding. This method also allows the vagina to be narrowed in women who have had more than one sexual intercourse.

Permanent Hymen Suspension application with Flap Method is completed in an average of 20 to 30 minutes under local anesthesia. As a result of this application, which is an easy and painless process, the individual has a hymen that persists for a long time.

Hymen Suturing with Microsurgery

Permanent Hymen Suspension with Microsurgery is a very advantageous method that allows women to have a hymen that will show long-term permanence. This technique is based on the principle of cutting the hymen fragments torn by micro-interventions in the vagina and joining them appropriately.

As a result of Micro Surgery and Permanent Hymen Suturing, which offers a painless treatment and rapid healing process together, the fact that the membrane is not understood to be sutured has made this method very often preferable. In addition, this technique also allows the vagina to be narrowed in women who have had abortion, miscarriage, childbirth or who have had sexual intercourse very often.

After Hymen Suturing

Among the conditions that should be considered for the success of the application after hymen planting and the health of the individual;

  • The individual should take care of his personal care.
  • Foods with plenty of fiber should be consumed after treatment.
  • The first 2 days after the treatment should not be contacted with water.
  • After the first 2 days are completed, the person can take a standing shower.
  • The genital area should not be kept as wet as possible.
  • In the first week after the application, the person should not have constipation problems.
  • Heavy exercise and sports should not be done for the first 1 to 2 weeks after treatment.

can be specified.

Hymen Suturing Prices

The most common question we hear from women whose hymen is torn for different reasons and who reach our clinic to prevent the physical and psychological problems that this situation may cause is how much are the Hymen Suturing Prices in 2023.

Although Hymen Planting Prices vary depending on many different issues, these issues include;

  • Temporary or permanent implementation of the application,
  • Genetic characteristics of the individual and the structure of the hymen,
  • The type of anesthesia to be used in the treatment process,
  • The quality of the material to be utilized during Hymen Planting,
  • The experience of the physician and the clinic that will perform the application,

can be shown.

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