Vaginismus is the inability of women to have sexual intercourse as a result of involuntary contraction of the muscles at the entrance to the vagina for different reasons. Although not every case where sexual intercourse is experienced is considered as Vaginismus, it is known that this situation causes great problems between couples.

Couples may experience problems caused by men or women before or during sexual intercourse. Among the conditions that lead to this condition can be shown orgasm disorders, incompatibilities between couples, reluctance to intercourse, as well as Vaginismus.

Vaginismus, which means that sexual intercourse cannot take place due to problems in the vagina muscles, is a condition that every woman can be exposed to. Due to Vaginismus, which occupies a common place among sexual dysfunctions, the muscles at the entrance to the vagina contract and prevent the penis from entering the vagina.

Vaginismus, a problem that women can experience even if couples desire to be together, is an involuntary problem. Vaginismus, which is a treatable disorder, is a sexual dysfunction that women can be exposed to for a long time due to abstention in this regard.

Vaginismus, which is rapidly cured by physicians who are Obstetricians in clinical conditions with personalized treatment methods, continues to be a disorder that is widely seen in our country and exposed to negative effects due to the fact that women hesitate to talk about their sexual lives and avoid clinical examination.

You can make an appointment by contacting us immediately to get rid of the physical and mental problems you are exposed to due to the Vaginismus problem you are experiencing for different reasons with the treatment methods that will be carried out in great confidentiality in the clinical conditions by the Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Mahru Nurullayeva, and you can get rid of your problems in a healthy, safe and comfortable process without losing time.

What Is Vaginismus?

Vaginismus is the condition in which the muscles in the vagina of women cannot take on the necessary flexible structure during sexual intercourse due to physiological or psychological reasons and prevent the penis from entering the vagina.

The most important task of the muscles in the human body is to provide the person with the opportunity to move flexibly. These muscles are located in the vagina as well as in every other part of the body. These muscles, which stretch during sexual intercourse, allow vaginal penetration to occur easily.

Especially in our country, as a result of the shame of talking about sexuality and the suppression of emotions, some women have wrong thoughts without having enough information about sexual intercourse and their own bodies before their first sexual experience.

The high number of individuals in this situation leads to the fact that the first problem that comes to mind when it comes to sexual dysfunction in our country is Vaginismus. However, Vaginismus is a problem that can be eliminated quickly with the right clinic and specialist physician.

Types of Vaginismus

Vaginismus can be expressed as a sexual dysfunction that occurs due to many different physical or psychological reasons, which can be observed in individuals with active sexual life as well as in women who will have their first sexual experience.

Vaginismus, which is seen in women who will have sexual intercourse for the first time in their lives, is called Primary Vaginismus, while Vaginismus, which occurs in women who have had sexual intercourse in the past, is expressed as Secondary Vaginismus.

Although vaginismus is a condition that can occur as a result of the combination of many physical or psychological factors, the most obvious indicators of this disorder include women’s avoidance of sexual intercourse, the inability of the penis to enter the vagina or the woman’s feeling of severe pain even if it does.

What Causes Vaginismus?

The first thing to know when it comes to vaginismus is that this disorder is involuntary. Although the condition that causes this problem in women who have vaginismus problems cannot be determined exactly, Vaginismus Causes include;

  • Thinking that the first sexual intercourse will be very painful,
  • Sexual harassment or abuse,
  • Traumatic birth,
  • General stress and anxiety state,
  • Loss of trust between spouses,
  • Feeling of losing control at the time of sexual intercourse,
  • Witnessing a case of sexual abuse,
  • Incidents of domestic violence,
  • Feeling of inadequacy during sexual intercourse,
  • Vaginal yeast infections,
  • Experiencing physical traumas,
  • Vulvar vestibulitis,

can be shown.

Many physiological or psychological factors, some of which we have tried to mention above, can lead to the inability of the union between the penis and the vagina as a result of the fact that the vagina muscles of women do not relax during sexual intercourse.

Vaginismus Symptoms

Vaginismus is a disorder in which each person who is exposed to it shows different symptoms. This problem, which occurs with a single symptom in some cases, manifests itself in some cases with the detection of many symptoms at the same time.

Among the most common symptoms in Vaginismus cases today;

  • The appearance of spasms and convulsions in the vagina during sexual intercourse,
  • Covering the legs of women during sexual intercourse,
  • Even if women desire intercourse, the penis cannot enter the vagina as a result of involuntary contractions,
  • The person cannot use drugs such as suppositories and tampons,
  • Withdrawal of the woman during sexual intercourse,
  • Dryness in the vagina during sexual intercourse,
  • Even if sexual intercourse is experienced, pain and burning in the vagina,
  • The individual avoids vaginal examination,
  • Panic before and during sexual intercourse,
  • Intense sweating, stress and tremors before or during intercourse,
  • Women’s avoidance of sexual intercourse,
  • Experiencing a painful sexual intercourse,
  • The individual does not want to have a smear test,

can be shown.

Does Vaginismus Get Over?

As a result of the application of Vaginismus treatment methods determined by the Gynecology Specialist in the clinical conditions, Vaginismus is a sexual dysfunction that is cured in a safe and comfortable process.

Vaginismus, the causes of which are determined by gynecological examinations and sexual therapies, is completely eliminated with treatment plans specially designed for the patient. It is ensured that the person does not experience any anxiety or pain during sexual intercourse.

Which Department to Go to for Vaginismus Treatment?

The department where vaginismus disease can be diagnosed definitively is the areas where the Obstetricians and Gynecologists of the hospitals or clinics serve. The fact that the gynecological examination is performed by a specialist physician will allow the person to respond faster to the treatment in the future.

Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus Treatment is planned individually as a result of the examination and tests performed by the specialist gynecologist. There are many reasons that lead to the occurrence of this problem in women, as well as treatment methods vary.

If the vaginismus treatment, which is not a problem that the person can solve himself, is postponed, it will cause many physical and mental problems and will result in the separation of couples in the future.

Among the Vaginismus Treatment Methods;

  • Exercises
  • Sexual Therapy,
  • Pulsed Radio Frequency, (PRF)
  • Botox Applications,

can be shown.

In the examination performed by the specialist doctor, the most appropriate treatment method is determined for the person and the application is started without losing time. In a large part of the cases with this problem, recovery is seen within 2 to 3 months.

Vaginismus Treatment with Sexual Therapy

Sexual Therapy is known as the most commonly applied treatment method in women exposed to vaginismus and successful results are obtained at a high rate. In fact, if it is done by a specialist physician, the success rate is shown as 100%.

The number of Sexual Therapy sessions that only women can participate in or couples can carry out together varies depending on the extent of the vaginismus problem that the person is exposed to. In particular, the progressive desensitization method is applied to enable the woman to know her body and herself and to prepare for sexual intercourse step by step.

Vaginismus Treatment with Exercises

The treatment process of women with Vaginismus Treatment with Sexual Therapy is supported by exercises determined by Gynaecology Specialist physicians and permanent and effective results are achieved. Among the most commonly used exercise types in the treatment of vaginismus;

  • Kegel Exercises,
  • Relaxation Exercises,
  • Breathing exercises,

can be specified.